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The Hill Climb is full

Two months ahead of the event Kop Hill Climb is again fully booked.

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Please read the 2017 Changes section before booking as there have been changes in the insurance industry which could affect you.

We are looking for

  • pre 1977 vehicles that have an interesting historic or racing background, especially those with innovative design features. Two thirds of our vehicles are pre-war and we are particularly keen on those that could have run the hill in the early days.

If you have been before use

  • we have a restricted number of Hill Climb slots for modern exotic, race-bred vehicles and supercars/bikes.
2017 Changes
Will you be insured to run Kop Hill?

You may have been been covered in the past but this year several insurance companies have amended their cover to exclude closed events such as Kop Hill, even though it is non-competitive and is run on a public road subject to the RTA. It is your responsibility to ensure you have insurance that covers you for the event. KHC cannot accept responsibility to owners, passengers or their vehicles while travelling on Kop Hill during the event.

For your information

Kop Hill Climb Road Closure Order has been granted by Bucks County Council and is held within the requirements of the RTA and all that the act entails in terms of Driving Licence, MOT and Insurance. KHC is a demonstration run and not a competitive event.

We know that Hagerty classic car and bike insurer automatically provides cover for Kop Hill. There may be others.

How can Kop Hill help?

If you find that your insurance for this event is not adequate Kop Hill Climb is organising a special one-off insurance that can be paid for on the day. The full cost of this insurance is £14.50 for one day and £22.40 for two days including insurance premium tax. These casts are larger than those we published earlier but we cannot find anything at a lower cost.

2017 Prices

Prices are the same as last year. A one day car booking is £40 and for the weekend is £60. For bikes the one day booking is £20 and for the weekend is £30.

As last year the price includes a Kop Hill Climb2017 event plate and programme, for cars it includes one passenger, for bikes the rider only. Extra adult passengers are £15, under 16s are £5 and under 5s are free, all collected at the gate.

How to get Selected.

When booking send us a photograph of your vehicle and spend time describing it. Applications without this information are unlikely to be selected. The same information is passed on to our commentators to inform the crowds about your vehicle.

Post-war cars and bikes are usually over-subscribed, therefore to enable as many drivers and riders as possible to enjoy the hill, post-war hill climb vehicles can come on both days and park in the Hill Climb Area but are limited to a hill climb either on Saturday or Sunday.

Within the pre-war cars there are a number of "Single Seaters". We would like to group them together for the hill run. So if you are lucky enough to own one of these special cars please, indicate during your entry procedures.

Paddock Display

The display area within the paddock is reserved for pre-war vehicles and early classics. To reserve a place in the paddock you need to pre-book. There is an area in the public car park for classics if you come on the day. If you have a pre-1977 vehicle you can come as an individual or as part of a club and park together. The 1977 age restriction is relaxed for clubs to 1992 as long as the younger cars do not predominate.

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If you have been before use

Club Registration

Club Secretaries can book space in the paddock for which there is no charge. Our systems will keep you up-to-date as your members book in.

Entry Fees

Entry fees have been kept at 2016 levels

Motorcars cost £20 for one day and £30 for two, whilst Motorcycles are £10 for one day and £15 for two.

The fee includes for cars one passenger, but for bikes the rider only. Extra passengers are £15, collected at the gate, but under 18s are £5 and under 5s are free.

The price includes a Kop Hill Climb2017 event sticker and programme.

Cherished Vehicles

There is a reserved area for cherished vehicles, adjacent to the grandstands and separate from the spectator car park. The Stewards, who have the last word on selecting the cars, have been instructed to bring interesting vehicles to the cherished area.
Please enter by the normal spectator gate.
There is no advance booking for the cherished area. Just come along in your special vehicle.

The Soapbox Challenge is full

The intention is to provide an extra-curricular activity for children aged 10 to 17 to design, construct, maintain and compete in a racing event for soapbox carts.

The Challenge is to compete on a gravity powered course in the Paddock over two days. The team travelling furthest wins.

Before entering you must accept the detailed rules below

Entry Fees

Entry fees for a team to enter the two day competition is £25, the same as last year. The price includes a Kop Hill Climb2017 event plate and programme.

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If you have been before use